A sample letter to your Neighbors

Dear neighbors:
I’m urging you to cast a “REJECTED” vote on Referendum 88, for three distinct reasons:

  1. It creates different rules for different races. This is unfair and contrary to the principle of Equality for All.
  2. It creates a costly new unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy to enforce racial preferences in public hiring and education across the state.
  3. It hurts veterans by eliminating the 100 year- plus hiring preference in WA that they have earned for their service to our country.

I’ve attached a flyer of truth of R-88/I-1000. Please Reject Referendum 88! https://referendum88.com has all the details.


You can find the flyer of truth of R-88/I-1000 here: https://reject88.com/media_files/Reject_R88_TheTruth.pdf

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