9/25 ACE Comment to Bellevue school board

Dear Bellevue school board president and members,

I’m representing our organization, American Coalition for Equality(ACE), I am speaking on behalf of our members that we support merit based programs, support helping students based on their individual needs. No blanket race based programs or policies.
We’d like to ask the district to stay focused on improving our kids basic skills such as reading, math and science instead of divisive race based indoctrination. Latest OSPI report card already indicates declining of student performance across the board. We’d like the board to put students first and keep politics out of district,

thank you!


我代表我们的组织,美国平等联盟(ACE)。我代表我们的成员发言,我们支持基于成绩的项目,支持根据个人需求帮助学生。 拒绝一切基于种族的项目或政策。
我们肯请学区继续专注于提高孩子的基本技能,如阅读,数学和科学,而不是基于割裂性的种族灌输。 公立教育学监办公室OSPI最新发布的成绩单已经表明学生成绩正在全面下降。 我们希望董事会把学生放在第一位,不要让政治参杂进来,


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